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Please find an email from Dr MK Strydom explaining why there will be no Conferences , Practical ' s and why there will be no responses to any email s other than those to do with the Correspondence Course that is currently running. 

Please therefore to avoid any inconvenience to yourself only start sending through emails from the 16th July and thereafter they will be responded to. We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment this may cause you.


From Dr MK Strydom

I have written to you personally to share my heart and inform you of a different direction that Abba Father is taking me personally and Eagles' Wings.

Recently I was spoken to very clearly by Abba Father through a vision that was confirmed with the same message by 3 different people in 3 different countries (South Africa, Namibia and USA):

In the vision, there was a table with 3 books on it - the Bible, a thick leather bound book with lots of notes and tags in which looked like a yearly calendar/diary and then a third book which was pure solid gold - which in the Spirit is the next book which He has called me to write - after the last book "Healing Begins with Sanctification of the Heart." Gold represents the image of Abba Father and a deeper level of purity and sanctification.

In this vision, in a very serious voice, Abba Father said, "STOP!" and you could see His hands take the calendar and throw it into the fire.

Abba Father has very clearly spoken to me, instructing me to stop all conferences and activities in Eagles' Wings and to draw aside for a season (an unknown period of time at this stage) - where I am to sit alone with Him at His feet - because He wants to download the revelation for the next book He has called me to write. In the vision was a stop watch with a set time frame for which this revelation is ordained by Him to be downloaded - and if I am busy with ministry, conferences etc. I will miss it.

It has not been an easy decision because there are natural concerns about people who may feel let down, our financial income etc. But I know that I have to be obedient to His voice immediately and without compromise. In the vision Abba Father revealed that the writing of this book is a major part of His calling and destiny on my life - and it will save the lives of many people - therefore the enemy is trying hard to prevent it from being written through keeping me busy and there is a war in the spiritual realm over my heart because if that is defiled (e.g. by hurt, bitterness, fear etc.), then the book will not be released in the purity that it is meant. So, I ask you to please pray for me as I go through this critically important season of writing the book - pray for the protection of my heart and the protection of Eagles' Wings.

Therefore, I need to cancel all conferences and practical training courses and postpone them until Abba Father releases me into ministry again with the new book and revelation He has given us - and I trust it will be worth the wait - as it will be richer and deeper than the training otherwise would have been this year.

If I have let you down in this process - with all the sincerity in my heart, I ask you to forgive me, and for grace and mercy... my heart is to obey Abba Father so that you and many others will be blessed in the future.

May Abba Father bless you and take you into deeper and deeper levels of intimacy with Him!