NO DISEASE IS INCURABLE CONFERENCE – Christian Fellowship, Potchefstroom  7th March 2014 – 9th March 2014

A Conference was held at Christian Fellowship from the 7th March – 9th March and all those who attended we are sure, were greatly impacted by the very anointed teaching presented by Dr MK Strydom.  The hosting church organised every detail of the conference with excellence, ensuring that the audience were comfortable as well as providing facilities for refreshments.


  • The Eagles' Wing team would like to give our heartfelt honour, appreciation, and  grateful thanks first to the Lord Most High our God Almighty, Jesus Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit, whose presence was with us all before and throughout the Conference,  and without Whom we could do nothing.  We thank Him for His faithfulness and His Healing power and for giving the audience revelation and understanding throughout the teachings and for giving Dr Michelle the strength she needed to share all that had to be taught in the precious name of Jesus Yeshua.

  • Thank you - Pastor Arthur Emslie for your covering and doing such a wonderful work of protecting Dr Michelle ensuring that she had time to rest in between teachings as well as overseeing and directing the whole conference and for allowing the conference to be held in your wonderful and elaborate church.  To his lovely wife Pastor Angie Emslie who absolutely went out of your way to provide the Eagles' Wings Team with the most wonderful delicious and nutritious lunches throughout the conference.  Thank you to you and your team for sowing so generously into Eagles' Wings.

  • Pastor Sandy Williams-  Thank you for your heart and for your love. You were our point of contact and to whom just about every request was made.  Thank you for the wonderful job you did in organising and your part in making it all happen…  Thank you for going beyond and then the extra mile and ensuring we were looked after.  For allowing us use of your office, for the refreshments, seeing to all the queries, the administration and follow up, etc.

  • We would also like to thank the Pastors and staff of Christian Fellowship – all those who were there and who were involved– who worked non-stop throughout the whole duration of the conference through the long hours ensuring that every matter was attended to and that all behind the scenes went smoothly. 

  • The team of ladies who managed and served at the Resource Table with Wendy Kaalsen – thank you all for working as unto Him with excellence and such professionalism and efficiency. 

  • Thank you to the sound and technical crew – Mojalefa, Dawid and Marlou, you did an excellent job.

  • Thank you to Marlou for assisting and working with Lou Huck (Eagles' Wings worship singer and song writer) and for accompanying her on her whilst she played the keyboard by playing the violin.  It lifted the anointing and sound to an even higher level.

  • Thank you to all those in Security and to the Ushers – we appreciate you all and what you did.

  • Thank you to Pastor Bill and Milly Marks and Roy Spitzer who helped behind the scenes to make things run smoothly during the whole conference.

  • Thanks go to Ebeth and all the intercessors in her team for interceding during the whole conference

  • All those who contributed, paid for and arranged the Eagles' Wings team as well as Dr Michelle's parents accommodation for the duration of our stay a very big thank you!!

  • Thanks to Leslie for sacrificing his time to film and then edit the whole conference and put it on DVD's – we appreciate your time and work Leslie.  In this regard should anyone want a copy of the conference please contact Leslie at Maclez Studios
  • Thank you to all of you who attended the Conference we pray and trust that you were blessed and your life has been greatly changed and influenced for our Lord and King.


  • Professor Cilas Wilders of Biokinetics at Potchefstroom University.  Thank you Cilas for being so involved, for your support, for arranging Dr Michelle to speak at the University, for getting all the doctors of Potchefstroom together and for bringing Dr Frans Cronje to Potchefstroom.  Thank you for besides the Holy Spirit, being the main orchestrator to get the Healing Hub going. You are  hands on and a just do it man!!!  You most certainly get things moving.  We thank the Lord Almighty for you.

  • To Doctor Franz Cronje who privileged us with his presence and for imparting and sharing more resources with Dr Michelle.  It was wonderful to hear you speak at the Men's Meeting.

  • To Sylvia Venter and Sante Visagie – all the amazing timely teachings and information that you have shared with us to help move us onto a higher level of understanding of our Lord's Way.  Thank you Sante for blessing Eagles' Wings and being obedient to His prompting to give Eagles' Wing the very precious, anointed and most beautiful handmade Shoafar that was intended for your daughter's wedding.  So very significant and timely from the Lord – especially made for a wedding.  The message of Eagles' Wings – Preparing His bride by way of sanctification.
    And the words you so carefully engraved on the Shofar " Baruch habah bashem YHVH"  and thank you for sharing with us what it means: Blessed is He that comes in the Name of YHVH!

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During the conference the following topics were presented by Dr MK Strydom   "NO DISEASE IS INCURABLE"

FRIDAY 7TH EVENING:                   

The Brain and how thoughts form and become toxic. Fear, Stress & Anxiety and How It Affects The Body. Allergies – Dr Michelle explained how toxic thoughts cause disease using Allergies as an example.        

SATURDAY 8TH MORNING:                     

Exploring the Bible to find out how Sin is connected to Disease and the condition for Healing              
Break down with others, Unforgiveness and Cancer – explaining both medically and spiritually the cause and conditions for overcoming the disease.          

SATURDAY EVENING:                     

The Source of Thoughts-  How disease starts in the Spirit and then Soul (Mind, Will and Emotion) and how toxic thoughts have a physical reaction in the Body
causing disease and how healing comes in the same pathway.
A teaching on the Father and how the breakdown in this major relationship is the cause for over 100 so called incurable diseases.
The evening ended with Ministry where most of the congregation came forward and received ministry to start their journey of healing.

SUNDAY 9TH MORNING:                

Diseases caused through a breakdown with self and a teaching on Who I am in Christ.

SUNDAY EVENING:                        

Overview of the whole teaching (This is her latest teaching which she gained most of her understanding by Dr Frans Cronje – who was amongst those who attended the conference). A teaching on Occultism and HIV
Genetics – A teaching on how diseases are passed down generationally.
An encouraging word to all  headed Don't Give Up – most of the time the Healing journey takes time…
The evening ended with prayer for creative miracles.  We have had some testimonies of our Almighty God doing just that. 

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Hi there Tammy!!

I attended the conference here in Potch and invited my daughter's boss. She was, the day before the conference started, diagnosed with breast cancer, again! She had it in her left breast 22yrs ago and now in her right breast. She was too disturb and didn't attend, but I invited her for coffee the Tuesday after the conference and just share all the information that I've learned with her. While I was telling her she told me her head was spinning around and she's already thinking about a whole lot of women that she needed to forgive. She went the next day to buy the book here from Christian Fellowhip and read and read, forgive and repent, she did everything! She was in operation this morning (27 March) to remove the tumour, but the doctors seek and seek but couldn't find any tumour! They are in shock! I'm speechless and still in awe!! I just gave her the info! Amazing!! Glory to our Dad!I hope to hear from you soon and once again thank you to Michelle and you guys, running with this Good News!!


Anita Pieterse

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Dear Tammy,
I attended Dr Michelle's conference at Potchefstroom, I am a member of the Christian Fellowship congregation.
I have a (double) testimony. A while ago (+-2 years) I attended a 'Be in Health' weekend. At that time I had two very, very sore knees. I refused to see a doctor, because the latest thing then was a knee replacement. I used all kinds of stuff, but no real improvement. Kobus Olivier, who heads 'Be in Health', ministered to me and asked me what was the false burden that I carried. After repenting and confessing my knees improved and today they are healed. BUT I still had a sensitive stomach - ulcers and acidity. The Dr prescribed Nexiam, eventually it made me so sick, I had joint and muscle pains like an old woman. I started using natural medicines and my stomach improved, but still sensitive. I could not eat a slice of bread. The week after the conference we had an evening service, two or three people repented and confessed. I stood up and repented of more false burdens and what your 'book says' not loving myself. That was the 16th of March, I'm healed, my stomach did not play up since. Although I repented and confessed in my quiet prayer time many times the Lord showed me Jas 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. I had to do it in front of fellow believers. I've learnt a valuable lesson. Now the moment a worry creeps up on me I speak to the Lord. God is so good!!

God bless and Shalom
Ebeth van der Merwe

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Dear Eagleswings Team,
Thank you so much for coming to Potchefstroom last weekend. This revelation from GOD was meant to reach me. I feel so vibrantly alive in my spirit, soul and body. Dr. Michelle, I drank in every word you taught us and recognised it as coming from our awesome Lord. I enjoyed the scientific and analytical way in which you presented all this knowledge. There is no word that can convey my gratitude for the precious book that you brought to us. I can just imagine how much research, time and effort it must have cost you to produce a book of this format. Thank you for being obedient to the task God gave you. I can hear you speak with authority even when reading it.
Last Sunday afternoon while resting and thinking, the Holy Spirit started to work in me with power. He showed me all the relationship breakdowns in my life and how broken I still was. After forgiving everyone and shedding tears of cleansing, I thanked Jesus that He forgave and excepted me. I did not know how to forgive myself, till He showed me what I always tell my Maths students when they make mistakes and try to typex it out. I tell them that we learn from our mistakes and that we then remember not to make them again. Well, I realised that the blood of Jesus has covered all my mistakes and with Him I can have new relationships without fear. I am free!

I had been praying For My Lord to show me what calling He still have for me at 63 years of age. The more I pray about ministering at the Healing Hub, the more excited I become. I pray that it will soon be a reality, and hope to be part a of the team. Our God Almighty will keep on blessing and keeping you all, so that you may keep on blessing His children who will listen and obey. "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love od God, and the comunion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Your sister in Jesus Christ, our King,
Judith Hattingh.


We would like to invite your testimonies to share and testify what the Lord did for you during this conference.  Please email the testimonies to so that God can be glorified and His children further encouraged in their journey of healing.

We would also like to include photos if anyone has any –please send to

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Eagles' Wings are pleased to advise that in association with Professor Cilas Wilders, Professor Deon Deklerk from Touch Africa and the very willing Doctors and Pastors that were in attendance at the Conference – a Healing Hub is being set up in Potchefstroom based on the principles taught at the conference by Dr MK Strydom.  The first stage of the Hub will be training all who have a heart in the Healing Ministry.  For more information regarding to the training please click here...