For all those of you who are in the process of completing or have completed the "3 modules of the On-Line Training Course set by Eagles' Wings please be advised accordingly: -

1.    MODULES -  if you have registered and have not yet received your modules please do send us proof of payment and your details as to which module you are missing so that we can send and correct our records.

2.    MARKING - Please be assured that all modules received will be marked in due time so do complete them and send to Melissa on email

3.    COMMITMENT - Eagles' Wings are committed to following up with each of you and will ensure that you are given the opportunity to complete the practical's once you have done all the modules.

4.    REFUNDS FOR PRACTICAL'S ALREADY PAID - Anyone who has paid for a Practical 1 or Practical 2 or both and who have not yet received a refund please may you send your proof of payment and bank details to Tammy on and you will receive a refund or if you prefer to register for the Practical 1s this year then your payment will be allocated to which ever practical you prefer to attend.

5.    FURTHER REGISTRATIONS ON THE COURSE - Until we have revamped and updated the On-Line Training Course and have marked all the current participants modules that have been submitted we will not be opening the course.

If you have any further questions or require any information that has not been included in the above 6 points please do send me an email on



To assist you with your planning please find herewith dates for two Practical 1 Training Courses this year which will be held in Joburg/Centurion area. Registration and other important information will be provided in February. This is just for interested participants to provisionally plan for 2018.

This is open to everyone who has completed Module 1 and it has been returned and marked and has done corrections would be welcome to do Practical Training 1.

PRACTICAL TRAINING 1 23rd July - 4th August 2018 (13 days with 29th July being a day of rest during the course) cost & venue to be confirmed. (fully booked)
PRACTICAL TRAINING 1 20th August - 1st September 2018 (13 days with one day of rest during the course) cost & venue to be confirmed



To all participants who have completed Module 1 and it has been marked and returned to you and you have emailed through your corrections please find herewith two possible dates for you to take into consideration for your planning in 2018. Registration details and cost as well as venue
will be given as soon as available.

PRACTICAL 1: 8th - 19th May 2018 (CANCELLED)
PRACTICAL 1: 19th November - 28 November 2018 (cost and venue to be confirmed)

To all participants who have completed Module 1, 2 & 3 and have done corrections as well as have attended Practical 1 and completed all teachings given. Please find herewith dates for Practical 2 for your planning.

Registration details, costs and venue details will be provided once available.

PRACTICAL 2: 31st October - 9th November 2018 (cost and venue to be confirmed)